Let toddlers explore numbers and count with Vampirina toys in this fun toy skit featuring pretend food toys and toy characters from Vampirina including the Hauntleys: Vampirina, Oxana, Boris, and Wolfie, and the kids: Poppy Peepleson and Bridget (from the Disney Junior Vampirina Ghoul Glow Fangtastic Friends Figure 10-Pack)! Vampirina and friends wait for the Hauntley's Mobile Vehicle (Toy Car) to arrive with Ice Cream. Boris and Oxana gives the girls the number of scoops they request and counts each number for toddlers and ESL students to practice. Wolfie eats all the pretend ice cream and transforms into a giant toy dog! Boris and Oxana use their magic to feed Wolfie toys and calls out the name of a vegetable and fruit for kids to learn. Vampirina and her friends ask Oxana to transform wooden block shapes into candy gumballs matching the number of scoops Wolfie ate. This is a fun, imaginative toy play video featuring Vampirina Toys, Pretend Food Toys, and a simple number and counting lesson for toddlers!

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