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Rick Scott: Delaying State of the Union is 'wrong'

6 дн назад

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott reacts to Nancy Pelosi's request that President Trump delays the State of the Union in light of the shutdown. On the subject of ...

Sen. Rick Scott expresses frustration with DC dysfunction

1 нед назад

Speaking to 'Fox & Friends,' in his first live interview since joining the Senate, the Republican senator says the border security standstill in Washington 'makes ...

Senator Rick Scott holds a press conference

6 дн назад

The Florida Senator holds a press conference on "the ongoing dysfunction in Washington." The partial government shutdown reaches day 27. FOX News ...

Rick Scott sworn in as Florida's freshman senator

2 нед назад

(8 Jan 2019) Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida was sworn Tuesday, several days after the freshman class of Senate legislators, after serving the final days of ...

Who is Rick Scott? Republican Governor of Florida | NowThis

10 меc назад

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed more pro-gun bills into law in one term than any other governor in Florida history – and not even Parkland has convinced ...

Governor Rick Scott claims election fraud, orders law enforcement investigation

2 меc назад

Scott, using his authority as governor, got involved in his own race by ordering law enforcement officials to investigate board of election actions in Broward and ...

Senatorial Debate Held In South Florida Between Bill Nelson And Rick Scott

4 меc назад

The debate is an extension of the battle lines that have been drawn in this tight, closely watched race.

Rick Scott on Nelson's call to recuse from recount

2 меc назад

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson wants his Republican opponent Gov. Rick Scott to 'remove himself' from any role in the Florida recount process. Scott reacts on 'The ...

WEB EXTRA: Rick Scott Sworn In As Florida's Newest Senator

2 нед назад

WEB EXTRA: Rick Scott Sworn In As Florida's Newest Senator.

Governor Rick Scott holds last meeting with his cabinet

2 меc назад

Rick Scott due to serve out his term as Governor; he'll join the U.S. Senate 5 days after he's suppose to take office.

Rick Scott: I'm so disappointed in Bill Nelson

2 меc назад

Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott tells Hannity that it looks like his Democratic opponent and his attorneys are doing 'everything they can to steal this ...


2 меc назад

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRNsZ8WXhX8 'I'm going to look to the future,' Florida Gov. Rick Scott says after Senate win.

Joe: Rick Scott, Marco Rubio Are Just Saying 'Only Count Our Votes' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

2 меc назад

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday filed suit and asked for an investigation into ongoing ballot counts that he accused of being a partisan attempt ...

Governor Rick Scott wins Florida Senate race

3 меc назад

Florida Governor Rick Scott addresses his supporters during a tight Senate race against Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a ...

Former Gov. Rick Scott sworn in as U.S. senator

2 нед назад

There is just a few hours left before President Donald Trump states his case in a primetime address on funding for his border wall. The Trump administration ...

Florida governor Rick Scott is one of the worst governors in the country | Mic Check

3 лет назад

From defunding Planned Parenthood to Medicare fraud, Governor Rick Scott of Florida has been upsetting people for a long time.

Rick Scott appears with new US Republican senators

2 меc назад

(14 Nov 2018) Rick Scott is Florida's Republican governor, not a US Senator-elect. Yet there he was at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's left shoulder ...

Gov. Rick Scott battling to flip Florida Senate seat

3 меc назад

Republican governor in tight race against Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson amid Hurricane Michael recovery efforts. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour ...

Voter Fraud in Florida| Rick Scott| Brenda Snipes

4 нед назад

Florida Midterms were in complete chaos with the #democrats bringing in votes by the truckload.

Rick Scott Refuses To Debate | msnbc

4 лет назад

A scuffle about a fan caused a very awkward long delay in Florida's gubernatorial debate between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist.