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The times WikiLeaks connected in Trump's orbit | Reality Check with John Avlon

35 мин назад

CNN's John Avlon looks at the communications between WikiLeaks and people in President Donald Trump's orbit, which are under the microscope as special ...

Crews attack California wildfires with ocean water

4 ча назад

CNN's Bill Weir shows how emergency crews are using airplanes and helicopters to fight the deadly wildfires consuming the California landscape.

California fire evacuee: All we could do was pray

5 ча назад

Brynn Parrott Chatfield describes her dramatic escape with her husband as the Camp Fire destroyed their town of Paradise, California. #CNN #News.

Don Lemon: It's a hot White House all right

9 ча назад

CNN's Don Lemon says the firing of deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel could be an indicator of chaos in the Trump administration. #CNN #News.

Embattled Florida election official: I have no reason to hold anything back

16 ча назад

Brenda Snipes, the embattled Broward County elections supervisor, responds to Republicans in Florida and nationally who are trying to paint the statewide ...

Dog steals show during concession speech video

17 ча назад

Martha McSally (R-AZ) made a video conceding to Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) in the Arizona Senate race, but viewers were more enthralled by her dog.

Grassley downplays concerns over Whitaker

18 ча назад

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley downplayed concerns raised by Democrats on multiple fronts about conflicts of interest involving acting Attorney ...

CNN attorney: The WH cannot get away with this

18 ча назад

One of the lead attorneys retained by CNN in the lawsuit against the Trump administration, Ted Olson, explains some of the details of the case to restore CNN ...

White House aide to exit after Melania pushed for ouster

19 ча назад

CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports that the White House will fire deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel, according to a White House official. This comes after first ...

Why Hillary Clinton running in 2020 is a terrible idea | With Chris Cillizza

1 дн назад

Could the third time be the charm for Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations? Probably not. Here's why Clinton 2020 would be a disaster for Democrats.

Counsel for CNN explains grounds for lawsuit

1 дн назад

Ted Boutrous, counsel for CNN in its lawsuit against President Trump and several of his top aides, explains the rounds for CNN's suit against the government.

CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta

1 дн назад

CNN is filing a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his aides, seeking the immediate restoration of chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta's ...

Extinguishing Trump's California wildfire claim | Reality Check with John Avlon

1 дн назад

Following what has become the deadliest wildfire in the history of California, President Trump tweeted poor forest management was to blame for the massive ...

Student speaks out against Nazi salute photo

1 дн назад

Student Jordan Blue explains his decision to not participate in a viral photo that shows his classmates appearing to flash a Nazi salute.

Senator deflects over 'public hanging' comment

2 дн назад

After releasing a statement in response to her "public hanging" comment, Mississippi Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith refused to answer questions during a ...

White supremacists embrace Trump’s language

2 дн назад

As President Donald Trump calls himself "a nationalist," there are signs that his stance is inspiring white supremacists and other fringe groups who spread hate.

Michelle Obama says Melania Trump turned down her offer of help

2 дн назад

In her new memoir, "Becoming," former first lady Michelle Obama writes that she extended help to Melania Trump as she transitioned into the first lady role, but ...

Anderson Cooper to Trump: That's not how things work

2 дн назад

CNN's Anderson Cooper discusses President Donald Trump's unfounded fraud claim about the Florida election. #CNN #News.

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona Senate race

2 дн назад

Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will win Arizona's US Senate race, defeating Republican Rep. Martha McSally and flipping a seat that had been in GOP hands ...

Erin Burnett calls out Trump's baseless fraud claim

2 дн назад

CNN's Erin Burnett debunks President Donald Trump's baseless claim of voter fraud in the Florida election. #CNN #News.

Roger Stone associate: I expect to be indicted

2 дн назад

Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi said he expects to be indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for "giving false information to the special counsel or to ...